II Biennal d’escultura Valldoreix dels Somnis 2018 (sculpture biennale)


is a project developed by Amicart Valldoreix, a non profit organisation in the town of Valldoreix. One of our projects is to fill some public spaces with sculpture., Venues surounded by woods and gardens a place to enjoy the public sculptures. An ideal location for meditation and reflection in these busy times.

Valldoreix dels Somnis (Valldoreix dreamland) will offer our inhabitants and visitors, the opportunity to enjoy three dimensional art in the open air.

The exhibition will be held between the months of October and December 2018, and will make use of several open spaces provided by the Town Hall. Valldoreix dels Somnis expects to situate some 40 sculptures, realised by local, national and international artists, who represent creative evolution of our times..

Participation rules

01. Participants: artist of all nationalities are welcome to participate.

02. Topic: The topic is free, but the message contained in the artistic work should be of an ecological significance.

03. Project: Participants must first submit a project to the following address: projectes@valldoreixdelssomnis.com. Only one project is allowed by artist. A jury of art experts will select the projects presented and will decide in each case the most suitable site to place it. The deadline for receipt is 30 of march, 2018.
Each project will be signed by the author and presented to the address of the organization with all personal information name, surname, address, country, telephone, email, web. Accompanied with three colored photos of the artwork, digitized or physical, taken from different points of view, including technical specifications of the artwork even the type of support and the installation system. Also a brief description or memo about the work, the artist’s curriculum and a valuation of the piece is required.

04. Dimensions and technical specifications: Dimensions and technical specifications: The minimum of the sculpture must be 150 cms (without counting the support) at least in one of its three dimensions.
The artist may use a variety of materials for the sculpture, stone in its various forms, iron and other, given that the material used must be suitable for outdoor exposure and capable of withstanding weathering. Should the artwork need a coat of varnish or repolishing or minor repair at some future time the artist will be prepared to collaborate with the organisers.

05. Selection of artworks: The organizers and the jury of the Biennale will make the selection of the projects and decide in each case the most convenient place for the installation of the selected work. On May 1st, 2018, the organization will make advise each artist and media the selected art works.

06.Delivery of works and transport: the selected artworks must be presented in the place indicated by the organization from October 1 to 15, 2018. The transportation of the artwork, both the delivery and the recovery, as well as the installation media will be borne by the participant. In each case the organization will study the difficulties and undertakes to take the utmost care of the artwork from receipt to return.

"Transportation of the selected works of artist from Catalonia is planned through a transport contract by the organization. In all cases the works must be properly and sufficiently packed and protected."
The limit of liability of the organization for the handling and custody of the works presented at the Biennale will not include vandalism or effects of “force majeur”.

Three prizes will be awarded, according to the following criteria:

  • 5000 Euros - AWARD FOR UNIQUENESS – For the singularity both for the materials and for their realization.
  • 5000 Euros - REWARD FOR THE MESSAGE – Ecology and new technologies.
  • 3000 Euros - EMERGING ARTIST PRIZE (under 30 years old) – Young artist with new proposals.

Three accésits or honorable mentions will be awarded.
All the selected artists will have accrediting diplomas. The awarded works will go on to form the patrimony of Valldoreix and both Amicart Valldoreix and the EMD are committed to ensure the conservation and maintenance. The sculptures not awarded, provided that the authors wish may become part of the EMD Valldoreix, in order to increase the town´s collection,. The final location for displays will be made by the organisers.

08. Collection of works: Works not awarded or purchased or donated, will have to be collected between December 20, 2018 and January 15, 2019. All works that have not been removed before January 15, 2019 will be freely available to Amicart Valldoreix.

09. Opening: The opening of the Biennale will be held on Saturday, October 20, 2019 (at 11 a.m) and the closing ceremony and the awarding of prizes will be on Thursday, December 20 (at 11 a.m). The organization will publish a catalog of the Biennial to support and publicize the works presented.
By participating in the Biennale, the author gives the organization the rights to use the image of the work in any medium including internet.

10.Obligations: Taking part in the II Biennal Sculpture - Valldoreix dels Somnis 2018, implies acceptance of these rules and compliance with the decisions of the jury.

Project delivery


Sant Francesc 9
08197 Valldoreix, Barcelona

Phone numbers

609 349 639
935 891 225

In collaboration with

amicart valldoreix
entita municipal de valldoreix
ajuntament Sant Cugat
Club esportiu Valldoreix
Art Fusion BCN
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