III Biennale of Sculpture “Valldoreix dels Somnis 2022”


The Biennale of Sculpture “Valldoreix dels Somnis”(Valldoreix of dreams), is a project started in 2016 launched and developed by Amicart Valldoreix, a local non-profit association. The III Biennale, in the 2022 summons, is organized jointly by Amicart Valldoreix and the EMD of Valldoreix, (local City Council). The purpose is to set up a sculpture site, a meeting point with the art world, and for a while, convert this village, surrounded by forests and gardens, into a place where artistic contemplation and reflection are also welcomed. Thus, “Valldoreix dels Somnnis”, will allow for two months, both, our fellow citizens and visitors, to enjoy sculptural art by walking through its emblematic spaces. Amicart and the EMD, are currently working on a project of a sculptural tour, made up of the winning works of the current and previous awards. 

The Biennale will take place during the months of October and December 2022 and will have a natural space such as the Sant Cebrià Park for the installation of the Works. This Biennale III will host, as in the last calls for proposals, sculptures by local, national and international artists. 

Participation rules

 Participation Bases 

1.- Participants. 

All artists who wish to participate in this event will be welcomed, without limit of age or nationality. 

2.- Topic. 

Topics are free. The jury will appreciate that the issue deals with the relationship between Art and Nature, sustainability and the environment. 

3.- Presentation. 

Only one work per artist will be allowed. 

The documentation to be submitted must be signed by the author.The submission deadline is 30th March 2022. It consists of: 

personal data: first name, last name, home address, country, phone. E-mail, DNI photocopy (identity card) or passport, web and curriculum. 

Three colour photos of the work, digitized or physical are requested and should be produced from different viewpoints. 

Technical specifications of the work, where the type of support and the anchoring system are set up to install it. 

A short memory and/or description of the work and taxation of the piece is also needed (in case of a possible acquisition during the sample). 

Documentation must be submitted to projectes@valldoreixdelssomnis.com 

If the work is selected, the artist shall take care of presenting the final piece according to documentation submitted. 

4.- Dimensions and technical features. 

The sculpture (without considering the support) must be at least 150 cm in one of the three dimensions. The other two are free. 

The artist can choose any of these sculpture materials: stone, iron, steel, bronze, concrete or other materials resulting from the new technologies. It must take into account that the material to be used must be stable, suitable and resistant to open air exposure and capable of supporting the weather. 

5.- Selection of finalist Artworks. 

The five members of the jury of the Biennale III, will select twelve pieces, among all the ones presented, which will be installed in the Parc of Sant Cebrià and will be located in the site, throughout the Biennale. On 2nd May 2022, the result will be informed to each artist and later to the media. 

6.- Delivery of Artworks and transport. 

The selected works must be presented, at the site indicated by the organizers, from October 1st to October 8th, 2022. The transport costs of the work, both the delivery and the return, will always be supported by the participant. 

The organization will take care of the location, installation and adequacy of the works in the exhibition space. 

In each case, the organization will study the difficulties and undertake to take maximum care of the work from reception and return. The organization's responsibility for the custody of the works presented to the Biennale III, will be covered by a subscription insurance by Amicart, during the period of display in the Parc of Sant Cebrià. After this period, the EMD will take responsibility with an insurance. 

7.- Awards. 

There will be three awards, according to the following criteria: 

1.- EUR 5000 - SINGULARITY AWARD - both for material and for its realization. 

2.- EUR 5.000 - AWARD TO MESSAGE - Ecology and new technologies. 

3.- EUR 3.000 – UP-AND-COMING ARTIST AWARD (under 35-year-old) - Young Artist with Innovative Proposals. 

Three secondary award and/or honorific mentions will be awarded. 

All selected artists will have accredited diplomas. 

The three awarded artworks will become a heritage site in Valldoreix and will be part of the established sculptural route, and both Amicart Valldoreix and the EMD undertake to ensure their conservation and maintenance. 

8.- Collection of Artworks. 

The author shall collect his artwork, if not awarded, from 16th December 2022 to 16th January 2023. If the artwork is not collected within this period, it will be at the free disposal of Amicart. 

9.- Acts. 

The inauguration of the Biennale III will take place on Saturday 15th October 2022 

(11.00 AM) and the closing and prize-giving ceremony will be on Thursday 15th December 2022 (11.00 AM). 

The organizers will edit a specific catalogue of the Biennale III in order to support and advertise the authors and works presented. 

10.- Obligations. 

Participation in the Biennale III of Sculpture in Valldoreix, implies acceptance of these bases and the agreement with the jury’s decision. The author gives the organization the right to use the image of the work in any medium. 

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